1) Do you write the Vows for me?

My philosophy is that vows are very personal to the couple who are getting married. I will be very happy if you decide to write your own vows however, saying that, I have several references that can be used as a guideline and I am more than pleased to write your vows with you, if that would help you on your special day. I would do this by interviewing both the bride and groom ahead of time, gathering the most important information about your love and commitment to each other and then writing a draft copy for your approval, long before the wedding day. My preference is to consider and discuss ideas before anything final is put into your ceremony.

2) Will you help me write the vows?

My gift to you is a hand-written document that will walk you through all the steps needed to write your own wedding vows. If you are still having trouble putting into words what is in your heart, I will help you. We can do this together in more of a chat type session that’s casual and comfortable for you. That way you can hand pick exactly what you want to say. I can also help you practice saying the words out loud if you are feeling nervous. At the ceremony, I can have you repeat after me or you can memorize your vows. The choice is totally yours.

3) What kind of space (or equipment) do you require me to provide?

We would need a space big enough for the three of us and your bridal party, to stand. It would be a good idea to have a focal point in your room or space to have as the ceremonial area. We would need a small table for the signing of the register and perhaps a chair to make signing more comfortable. If your space is large you might want to provide a PA system. If you are going to have a soloist or a musician, they would need a space to perform.

4) Do you involve Friends and Family during the service?

Your ceremony is done your way. If you would like to involve your friends and family then the answer is yes. We can talk about the many different ways to involve friends and family members during our planning stage, so that they can be included in a supportive and expressive way.

5) Will you marry me at the beach or a place of my choice?

The place of your ceremony is as individual as you are and I am prepared to perform your service in the venue of your choice. I am also willing to help you make that choice, if need be. (I draw the line at skydiving).

6) What kind of ceremony can I expect? Formal? Informal?

The type of ceremony is entirely up to you. If you would like a more formal service we can certainly provide that. If you are religious and would like a little bit more religion or a little bit less religion in your service then that’s what you get. We can prepare a service that will suit your expectations in every way. Your ceremony is completely customizable.

7) What are the pieces in the ceremony that we would be required to say or use?

There are two mandatory requirements about how the service is prepared or presented when you work with a Celebrant. We will need to ask everyone present if there is any just reason why you , as a couple, should not be married and during your Vows, you will want to say that you take one another to be your lawfully wedding wife/husband.  Other than that, as a Metaphysical Minister I am able to perform a wedding without restrictions and without any governmental requirements. Anything goes for your special day. (I would like to have the privilege of pronouncing you married but that’s only my wish list).

8) What are my responsibilities as far as my ceremony goes?

You would need to agree to an introductory meeting between us so that we can get to know one another and you have the ability to make sure that I am the right Celebrant for you. You would need to agree to consult with me about your ceremony and to participate in the creation of it. Likewise I will make myself readily available to you, as questions arise. You would also need to agree on a rehearsal shortly before the actual ceremony; a type of dry run for the actual day. Everything always works better when there is practice before hand and we want your day to be perfect.

9) Can I be involved with the writing of my own ceremony?

I would prefer that you are involved in the creation of the ceremony. I work best with those who like to brainstorm ideas and have a vision of how their ceremony will look. Saying that, I can also offer suggestions and ideas about how a typical ceremony might be arranged and organized, to give us a great starting point.

10) Can I write my own ceremony?

Yes, you most certainly can. If you need help, ideas or suggestions then I am here to assist you. We would then need to work together to understand the mechanics of your hand written ceremony so that it is performed exactly the way you want it with your exact intentions in mind. I look forward to working with you to create a personalized ceremony, reflecting your values and dreams in a most meaningful way.

10 questions to ask your celebrant

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