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Why Me?

I am Rev. Dr. Jayne Gibson – a certified, ordained Metaphysical Minister.  I design and perform Legal Wedding Ceremonies.

As a Minister, I have far more leeway in my ability to create the ceremony that will honour you and where you’re both at, right now.  I spend time getting to know you as a couple and your Love Story, so I can incorporate that into your wedding ceremony.

No two ceremonies are the same.  I personally don’t like a boring, stuffy, emotionless, legally binding ceremony that’s been repeated for every couple 1,000 times.  I don’t imagine that you do either!

Research, attention to detail and unlimited support is part of the service that I provide to each of my valued couples.  I will keep us organized, nurture the process along and take the worry away so that you can relax and enjoy your day.

My Metaphysical Philosophy

I am a Metaphysical Minister and consider myself to be far more Spiritual than Religious.  Here is the definition that I strive to live by:

Metaphysics is the exploration of Human Potential in a holistic way – physical, mental and spiritual, together with the Soul’s purpose –  in search of the ultimate Divine or Universal Truth within us – The sharing of Love, and a lifestyle that produces fulfillment and happiness on a consistent basis. 

“Jayne was an amazing Celebrant! We loved her and would highly recommend her. She personalized our ceremony so well, that people were asking how long she had known us for.” ~Stephanie G.~

If I am the right person and you would like to learn more about my services, I invite you to visit my Weddings and House Blessings and Baby Blessing pages.