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Are you looking for Ideas to spice up your ceremony?  Are you brimming with ideas?  Here’s some suggestions that can be used as-is or modified to make your day, customized and personal.

(Please add the prices below, to the Signature Ceremony fee):

What’s in your Imagination?



Your Love Story – precious and true – worthy of being told on your Wedding Day.  From the first time your eyes met to that moment when you knew you couldn’t live apart; with all the crazy-in-love and blissful things in between.






Celtic Hand-Fasting with a Hand-Crafted Rope matching hf-charms-exampleyour wedding colours.

The tying of the knot is still practiced in various ways as a symbol of love, affection and faith.  Performed in two ways: traditional words and confirmation by the couple or during a spiritual blessing acknowledging the power of love.    (+100)



hf-pouch              hf-charms




candles-tableCandle ceremony with Hand-Crafted candle decorations


A journey of two souls on their way to Wedding Day.  This is a symbol of illumination to light your way and an elegant way to unite two families and/or invite children into the marriage.  (+120)





Involve your Pet – after all, they’re a “person” too! squirell-roses-1278642_640

Our familiars.  Our beloveds.  The joys in our lives.  They are our Fur Kids and we are their Pet Parents.           They are getting married too.  Include them a little or include them a lot. (+100)

horse-1674731_640   dog-1-1184414-639x426            cat-1474092_640






Blessing of the Wind (Spiritual in nature) – other Nature-based suggestions are available
The Wind travels through the four corners of the Universe offering blessings of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, resting in the Centre, holding sacred space.

dreamcatcher-1082228_640       flying-seeds-1533743_640

coast-1026130_640                                   sky-1392241_640




india-908462_640English translation of traditional family blessings like the Laavan Hymns
A celebration from our elders, coming to us from the rich and beautiful traditions of the Sikh faith.  The 4 hymns of the Laavan were written in the mid-1500s and are still used today.

guru-ramdass     ritual-323318_640





sand-ceremonySand Ceremony to unite your “family” in marriage

As you combine the sand together, the individual containers no longer exist representing a deeper meaning of love; never to be separated again.  Bring together the Soul connections of family and children.  (+100)
















zp1010214-2Involve your Children – a blended family or your own – your kids are getting married tooMelanie Wedding - Ring Bearer 2

You asked their permission before the proposal.  With enthusiasm that only they can produce, they said “YES!”  Then you asked them to keep it a secret – and they did.  Now it’s finally “OK to tell”.  (+100)






Assemble a Picture Puzzle cut from a picture of both of you (and maybe your pet)

Love is like a puzzle.  Hard to piece together but beautiful when all the right pieces are in place. The pieces represent the values and strengths you both bring into this relationship.   (+220)

puzzle6-2                 puzzle7-2




zStephanie and Mark 13Assemble and light a Ceremonial Campfire
There is a trust that is created between the fire and fire builders.  Just like strong relationship, without commitment, focus and intent, the fire will wane.   (+130)campfired-ceremony-log2










Message in a Bottle – toss it into the water along with your wishes for love and good fortune

Seal the bottle as you blow love and wishes into it.  Set it afloat to be found tomorrow, next year or a decade from now, and hope you get a message back.  (+120)

p1010211-2    p1010212-2





Rock Ceremony – Each stone contains a wish for happiness – a blessing made with love – gathered from your guests to mingle with your own.  (+100)

rock-ceremony            stones-801756_640






You gather your Wedding Bouquet from your guests as you walk down the aisle

As if they were picked especially for you, there is nothing more romantic thanp1010193 gathering your Wedding Bouquet from those p1010192amazing people you invited, to witness you marry the love of your life.    (+120)










Let’s craft a beautiful Scrap Book and call it “Why I Married You”.


It’s a keepsake to always remind you about the excitement, joy and love that brought you to your Wedding Day.

I have no doubt that life will bring you many wonderful blessings.  Life may also bring you hard times that, in the moment, might seem too difficult to overcome.  It’s during those times when you unlock this book, refresh your memories, renew your personal commitment, refill your hearts, find your balance, and, live in Power once again.    (+180)






Each section of the ceremony is performed in a different room of a Mansion
Rooms in a house are like rooms in your marriage – foyer for greeting loved ones; living room for comfort; kitchen is the heart; library for treasured history. Imagine welcoming your guests in the foyer, asking your guests to support your marriage in the living room, saying your Vows in the kitchen and having your Wedding Kiss in the library.    (+800)

mansion-architecture-76671_640     mansion-outdoor-kitchen-1537768_640      mansion-library-252436_640





Jump the Broom – You leave the altar, starting your new life of joy and abundance together, marked by your passage across the broom.   (+100)

broom-ground      hf-broom-jars2






Script writing – Your wedding party attendants tell your love story

Lend a unique voice to your Love Story by having it presented by the ones who are hand selected by you – your attendants.  Each attendant will have a script-manuscript-547042_640part in the script to add pizazz to your ceremony.  Your guests will gasp!    (+1200)







Wine or Coffee tasting is something you do for fun – and during your ceremony

Perfectly brewed coffee or exquisitely aged wine are perfect symbols for your signature Ceremony-within-a-Ceremony.


One, when left too long, gets bitter in the end,coffee-1149983_640


and the other,



just like a solid marriage, only gets better with age.    (+250)coffee-heart-953468_640







“This isn’t quite right for us…”

You know yourselves better than anybody and, your vision is important to me.  Your creativity is limitless.  There are no boundaries and no bad ideas.  Your vision can be over the moon creative or as simple as a Rock Ceremony.  You might want to ask yourselves some questions.  The answers will help to hone your thoughts and bring forward a symbolic expression of who you truly are.

  • How do you define yourselves as a couple?
  • How do your friends define you as a couple?
  • What interest or activity do you look forward to doing together?
  • What makes the two of you laugh?
  • What do you do for fun, as a couple?

Once you have the answers, share them with me!  Together we can create a Symbolic and deeply personal Ceremony-within-a-Ceremony that no one else has ever seen, and, you or your guests will never forget!

You can’t put a price on mesmerized guests and unforgettable Memories

My wife and I are extremely happy to have chosen Jayne to officiate our wedding. She helped us plan every aspect of our wedding, she hosted / MC’d the actual event, wrote and performed beautiful custom vows for us, and drafted our beautiful certificate. She made our wedding really special and classy. It was non-religious but she managed to add a “blessing of the hands” ceremony which added some importance and spirituality to the event. She planned a detailed Order of Service so we knew what to do every step of the ceremony, and helped us make sure we knew what our best man, bridesmaid and guests should be doing and what supplies we needed. She helped us with a nice tablecloth and PA system and stereo system for the event as well. Jayne was fast to respond to our questions by email or phone and provided suggestions advice and encouragement as we planned the event from getting our marriage license to making sure we had everything right for our ceremony, Jayne did it all. She worked with the photographer and other guests to make sure the event ran smoothly and all our guests appreciated that we chose her to officiate our day. Thank you Jayne!

~ Chris and Rosanti Adamson


Don’t short-change yourself out of the Ceremony of your DreamsAny of these mesmerizing additions can be yours and are valued between $100.00 – $350.00 plus materials

**Please note that script writing – rehearsals for same, and, logistics of Mansion ceremonies – rehearsals for same are valued up to $1500.00 depending on the pizazz you want to add to your ceremony.**

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